What people are saying:
I went through Andrea’s 1.5 hour training last year and was immediately hooked!
In spite of fears of the exercises eating into precious work time with students I went ahead and incorporated the exercises into my daily work with students in 4th grade. I realized, however, that the 3 minutes — yes! 3 minutes — allowed students to be present and focused and we were able to move through curriculum with MUCH GREATER EASE. After only a few times with the movements, the students came to expect them and miss them, if for some crazy reason we did not or could not do them.


My students are not the only ones who are seeing benefit from Andrea’s training. I have used several exercises Andrea has shown me for myself and two of my children. My older daughter suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, so I have shown her some of the exercises to redirect her focus when she feels an attack coming on. My son has attention/focus issues, so I showed him the exercises to use before he studies for tests and exams. IT IS HELPFUL, FREE AND EASY.

I am thankful to Andrea for her passion and dedication to spreading the word and training us to incorporate these IMPORTANT exercises into our daily routine with our students. I believe that the students who have been using the exercises are proof of its effectiveness.

Kristen, Richmond VA



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Struggling with a consistent way to support your child’s optimal growth and development?
On some level you KNOW your child needs extra attention but TELLING THEM HOW TO BEHAVE AND DO ISN’T WORKING?
I’ve been where you are and don’t worry – I’ve got your back.
Hi, I am Andrea Fry and I have been working with children in the classroom setting, privately and as a mom for over 20 years. I understand the struggle and want to SHARE MY KNOWLEDGE AND PRACTICES WITH YOU.

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